Re: gpio-sch GPIO_SYSFS access

From: Samuel Ortiz
Date: Fri Feb 08 2013 - 06:07:27 EST

On Fri, Feb 08, 2013 at 02:36:16AM -0800, Darren Hart wrote:
> On 02/08/2013 12:49 AM, Samuel Ortiz wrote:
> >> Well, this happens when the driver in question gets removed by another
> >> driver.
> > removed by another driver ? I'm not sure I understand what that means.
> In my case, the gpio-sch probe function runs and creates the gpiochip
> with 14 GPIO lines. Later lpc-sch probe runs,
That's weird: The lpc-sch probe should run first. Then the gpio-sch probe
should be called when lpc-sch adds the MFD cells as platform devices, from
So someone is adding gpio-sch as a platform device, and that is wrong.

> adds devices to the mfd
> device list, fails the WDT base address as described below, and then
> removes the devices in the mfd device list, which triggers the removal
> of the gpio-sch device.
> If I just skip the WDT lookup and not abort, then things work as I had
> expected. Sooo... does it make sense to remove ALL the MFD device when
> the read of the WDTBA registers indicates "Disabled"? Seems extreme to me.
Yes, that's a bit rough. But I think you have a more fundamental problem where
you're probing both LPC and your GPIO driver.

> >> Samuel, does it make sense for CONFIG_GPIO_SCH to require
> >> CONFIG_LPC_SCH? I'm building for a Queensbay (Atom E6xx + EG20T PCH).
> >> There is no SCH as I understand things. Can these be decoupled?
> > They actually don't have code dependency, GPIO_SCH selects LPC_SCH beacause
> > the MFD parts actually creates the GPIO device.
> > So you're saying Queensbay use the same GPIO IP block without actually having
> > SCH ?
> That is how I currently understand it. These drivers appear to have been
> originaly written for the Silverthorne (Z5xx) CPUs and the Intel SCH
> chipset.
If your lpc_sch_probe routine runs, you basically have an LPC on your PCI bus
here. As I said, PCI probes lpc_sch _and_ gpio_sch is probed as well (As a
platform device, probably coming from your SFI tables or so). Probing both is
problematic, especially since you do have an LPC sitting on your PCI bus.


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