Re: [RFC] status of execve() work - per-architecture patches solicited

From: Greg Ungerer
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 09:28:03 EST

On 09/11/2012 02:49 AM, Al Viro wrote:
BTW, the same question goes for many other embedded targets - I'm using
qemu for arm and mips and hercules for s390; alpha, parisc, ppc32 and sparc64 -
on actual hardware, amd64 and i386 - on kvm guests (all with debian userland);
ia64 kinda-sorta works with ski, but it's very much imperfect... I think
sh (at least sh4) should be usable with qemu as well, but I hadn't set that
up yet. sparc32 is usable on qemu, but only with very old userland.
Everything else... In theory, quite a few ought to be usable if one
bootstraps uclinux userland with qemu, but I've no idea how well does that
work in practice. And seeing that e.g. FRV eval boards go for several
hundred dollars even on ebay, let alone from manufacturer, I'd rather not
add the actual hardware to the pile here ;-/

I have managed to get qemu to run modern non-MMU ColdFire kernels.
Stock qemu-1.2 itself didn't work, but after a couple of fixes it is
now running again. It doesn't support ColdFire with MMU yet though.


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