Re: [RFC] status of execve() work - per-architecture patches solicited

From: Greg Ungerer
Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 23:40:41 EST

On 09/11/2012 02:49 AM, Al Viro wrote:
On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 11:40:11PM +1000, Greg Ungerer wrote:
Hi Al,

On 09/08/2012 04:20 AM, Al Viro wrote:
To architecture maintainers: please, review the current
situation in #execve2
and consider sending the corresponding patches for missing architectures.

I can see you have some m68k patches in there as well.
They tested good on standard m68k (under emulator) and good on non-mmu
ColdFire. But it is geting an exception when I run on ColdFire with MMU

Creating 1 MTD partitions on "RAM":
0x000000000000-0x0000001b8000 : "ROMfs"
TCP: cubic registered
NET: Registered protocol family 17
VFS: Mounted root (romfs filesystem) readonly on device 31:0.
Current process id is 1
Modules linked in:
PC: [<0002562a>] 0x02562a
SR: 2704 SP: 0383dfc4 a2: 00000000
d0: 00000000 d1: 00000000 d2: 00000000 d3: 00000000
d4: 00000000 d5: 00000000 a0: 00000000 a1: 00000000
Process init (pid: 1, task=0383a000)
Frame format=4 eff addr=00000000 pc=6000169a
Stack from 0383e000:
Call Trace:
Code: 6610 4cd7 073e 4fef 0020 201f 588f dfdf <4e73> 2228 0004 46fc
2000 0801 0007 66ff ffff c2ea 598f 4fef ffe8 48d7 78c0 486f
Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint

It is trapping at the return from exception (rte) in Lreturn.
Looks like it doesn't like the "format" field of the new stack frame
for some reason. If I get a few minutes tomorrow I'll dig into it.

Interesting... What it should get is format 0, same as before the change.

Thats a problem on ColdFire. The format field of the stack frame would
normally be 0x4 for a long-word aligned user stack pointer. The current
start_thread code doesn't set this on the ColdFire/MMU case, though we
do for the non-mmu case. The old code inherited this from the stack
frame of exec calling process.

So I will rework the m68k start_thread() code so it sets it explicitly
for all ColdFire cases.

With this fixed up the new exec code works in all cases I have tested
with ColdFire/MMU then.

BTW, is there any convenient way to get an emulated coldfire-MMU system?

I only test it on real hardware. But it looks like qemu has coldfire
emulation. I haven't tried it, but as of version 1.0 it listed supported
ColdFire CPU's as:


The cfv4e core is capable of having an MMU, so maybe someone is working
on it. I must go and check 1.2.0, it might be better.

For m68k I'm using aranym with sid/m68k from and it seems
to work fine these days, but that obviously won't do for coldfire - neither
the emulator itself, nor the userland (AFAICS, gcc will happily generate
instructions that use weird addressing modes unless told not to, so I would
be extremely surprised if normal debian m68k binaries would run on coldfire,
MMU or no MMU).

Yeah, no way it will work without the appropriate compiler switches on
when generating even userland binaries.


BTW, the same question goes for many other embedded targets - I'm using
qemu for arm and mips and hercules for s390; alpha, parisc, ppc32 and sparc64 -
on actual hardware, amd64 and i386 - on kvm guests (all with debian userland);
ia64 kinda-sorta works with ski, but it's very much imperfect... I think
sh (at least sh4) should be usable with qemu as well, but I hadn't set that
up yet. sparc32 is usable on qemu, but only with very old userland.
Everything else... In theory, quite a few ought to be usable if one
bootstraps uclinux userland with qemu, but I've no idea how well does that
work in practice. And seeing that e.g. FRV eval boards go for several
hundred dollars even on ebay, let alone from manufacturer, I'd rather not
add the actual hardware to the pile here ;-/

What do people actually use?
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