Re: Kernel Oops while disconnecting USB peripheral (always)

From: Daniel Mack
Date: Mon Jul 23 2012 - 10:55:08 EST

On 23.07.2012 16:47, Alan Stern wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, Sarbojit Ganguly wrote:
>> That is why I provided two stacks,
>> 1st one is when I tried to remove the USB hub (which connects a webcam
>> + microphone)
>> 2nd one is when I tried to remove an USB powered external HDD.
>> Just to make sure whether the problem is with USB sound or the USB subsystem.
> Do you stop all the programs that are using the USB devices before
> unplugging the hub? Do you unmount the USB HDD first?
> The first crash shows a problem in the snd-usb-audio driver.
> The second crash shows a problem in the VFS layer or in ext3, not in
> the USB stack.

I dare to doubt there are two severe bugs of that kind that are 100%
reproducible. I haven't had a hotplug crash in any of the two drivers
for a long time, and I use both of them extensively.

I rather assume there's something else failing, probably some host
controller issue that corrupts mempory? Can anyone else reproduce this


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