Re: [RFC][PATCH v2 2/3] Hold multiple logs

From: Matthew Garrett
Date: Mon Jul 23 2012 - 10:16:30 EST

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 11:03:28PM -0400, Don Zickus wrote:

> What is the harm of not using this and just letting the number be infinite
> (or until EFI runs out of space)? Is it a big deal if extra failures are
> logged?

Running out of space in EFI isn't a well-tested scenario, and I wouldn't
expect all firmware to handle it gracefully. This is made worse by EFI 1
not providing any information about available storage. I'd be fine with
changing the default number of entries on systems where we can obtain
the appropriate information to make that decision, but otherwise I think
it should be limited to 1.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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