[GIT PULL] regmap updates for 3.6

From: Mark Brown
Date: Sun Jul 22 2012 - 14:41:46 EST

The following changes since commit 485802a6c524e62b5924849dd727ddbb1497cc71:

Linux 3.5-rc3 (2012-06-16 17:25:17 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/broonie/regmap.git tags/regmap-3.6

for you to fetch changes up to 38e23194e1c95e73819d25a63bcf94fe4709d4c5:

Merge branches 'regmap-core', 'regmap-irq' and 'regmap-page' into regmap-next (2012-07-22 19:26:07 +0100)


regmap: Updates for 3.6

A few fixes plus a few features, the most generally useful thing being
the register paging support which can be used by quite a few devices:

- Support for wake IRQs in regmap-irq
- Support for register paging
- Support for explicitly specified endianness, mostly for MMIO.

Axel Lin (1):
regmap: mmio: Staticize regmap_mmio_gen_context()

Dimitris Papastamos (1):
regmap: Fix incorrect arguments to kzalloc() call

Krystian Garbaciak (3):
regmap: Move lock out from internal function _regmap_update_bits().
regmap: Add support for register indirect addressing.
regmap: Fix work_buf switching for page update during virtual range access.

Mark Brown (6):
regmap: Constify regmap_irq_chip
regmap: Don't try to map non-existant IRQs
regmap: Implement support for wake IRQs
regmap: Remove warning on stubbed dev_get_regmap()
regmap: Add hook for printk logging for debugging during early init
Merge branches 'regmap-core', 'regmap-irq' and 'regmap-page' into regmap-next

Stephen Warren (2):
regmap: allow busses to request formatting with specific endianness
regmap: mmio: request native endian formatting

drivers/base/regmap/internal.h | 17 ++
drivers/base/regmap/regmap-irq.c | 57 +++++-
drivers/base/regmap/regmap-mmio.c | 30 ++--
drivers/base/regmap/regmap.c | 344 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
include/linux/regmap.h | 69 +++++++-
5 files changed, 478 insertions(+), 39 deletions(-)

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