Re: [PATCH] kvm: fix race with level interrupts

From: Alex Williamson
Date: Thu Jul 19 2012 - 08:06:28 EST

On Thu, 2012-07-19 at 12:15 +0300, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 05:22:42PM -0600, Alex Williamson wrote:
> > I hate reviewing code
> > > > where I have to differentiate 'l' vs '1'.
> > >
> > > l is an illegal variable name? Switch to a different font.
> >
> > WTF
> Really, you should use a font where these differ. I currently use
> Monospace but there are many other good fonts. If you don't bugs sneak
> in.
> int x = 11;
> and
> int x = 1l;
> Should look very different.

Don't be an asshole, my dog could tell the difference between those
side-by-side. That's not what you posted. I use monospace as well and
find it offensive that you suggest someone change fonts to review your
code. Clearly, any time spent trying to identify a single character in
isolation is not well spent.

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