Re: [PATCH] fs: push i_mutex and filemap_write_and_wait down into->fsync() handlers

From: Josef Bacik
Date: Sat Jul 23 2011 - 16:27:41 EST

On 07/23/2011 02:09 PM, Markus Trippelsdorf wrote:
On 2011.06.29 at 14:05 -0400, Josef Bacik wrote:
Btrfs needs to be able to control how filemap_write_and_wait_range() is called
in fsync to make it less of a painful operation, so push down taking i_mutex and
the calling of filemap_write_and_wait() down into the ->fsync() handlers. Some
file systems can drop taking the i_mutex altogether it seems, like ext3 and
ocfs2. For correctness sake I just pushed everything down in all cases to make
sure that we keep the current behavior the same for everybody, and then each
individual fs maintainer can make up their mind about what to do from there.

At least the xfs part of this patch is broken.
Running the latest git-kernel bogofilter doesn't work anymore on my xfs
partition. When I run "bogoutil -d wordlist.db" to dump the contents of
the database, it produces no output at all.

Already fixed and sent a patch out earlier this week. Thanks,

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