Re: [RFC 0/6] watchdog drivers converted to the new framework

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 13:55:49 EST

Hi Hartley,

> >>>> I would also like to convert this driver into a proper platform_driver using
> >>>> ioremap'ed addresses instead of the static mappings. Converting the driver
> >>>> to the new watchdog framework would make this a bit cleaner.
> >>>
> >>> Try managed devices (devm_* and friends) for an extra cleanup bonus.
> >>
> >> Already done, just waiting for the framework... ;-)
> >
> > Nice :) Did you use my conversion-guide as a reference? Any comments if so?
> Sorry, I didn't. I just worked it out from the framework core and looking
> at your examples.
> When I found the framework patches on lkml I couldn't get them into a state
> to apply to my tree. I ended up manually applying all the pieces so I skipped
> the Documentation stuff to save some time.
> The conversion is pretty straight forward after examining the watchdog
> framework files.

Maybe you could allready post your patches to the linux watchdog mailing list.

Kind regards,

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