Re: [PATCH] kvm: get_msr support for HV_X64_MSR_APIC_ASSIST_PAGE

From: Marcelo Tosatti
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 13:53:18 EST

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 03:38:10PM -0700, Mike Waychison wrote:
> "get" support for the HV_X64_MSR_APIC_ASSIST_PAGE msr was missing, even
> though it is explicitly enumerated as something the vmm should save in
> msrs_to_save and reported to userland via the KVM_GET_MSR_INDEX_LIST
> ioctl.
> Add "get" support for HV_X64_MSR_APIC_ASSIST_PAGE. We simply return the
> guest visible value of this register, which seems to be correct as a set
> on the register is validated for us already.
> Signed-off-by: Mike Waychison <mikew@xxxxxxxxxx>

Applied, thanks.

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