[2.6.35-rc6 patch] increase kmemleak robustness at boot

From: Daniel J Blueman
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 12:41:08 EST

Hi Catalin,

I've consistently been experiencing kmemleak exhaust it's 400-entry
early-boot buffer and disabling itself; there have been reports of
this also, and I'm finding this on x86-64 with various debug options

If we issue a warning and allow the buffer to wrap, we don't need to
hit the kill-switch. While we lose track of some early potential
leaks, it's better than no functionality.

Let me know if it's acceptable, and many thanks for such an excellent tool,


Allow the early-boot buffer to wrap, rather than disabling kmemleak
and losing the functionality.

diff --git a/mm/kmemleak.c b/mm/kmemleak.c
index 2c0d032..93bf8a3 100644
--- a/mm/kmemleak.c
+++ b/mm/kmemleak.c
@@ -786,13 +786,6 @@ static void __init log_early(int op_type, const
void *ptr, size_t size,
unsigned long flags;
struct early_log *log;

- if (crt_early_log >= ARRAY_SIZE(early_log)) {
- pr_warning("Early log buffer exceeded, "
- "please increase DEBUG_KMEMLEAK_EARLY_LOG_SIZE\n");
- kmemleak_disable();
- return;
- }
* There is no need for locking since the kernel is still in UP mode
* at this stage. Disabling the IRQs is enough.
@@ -805,7 +798,13 @@ static void __init log_early(int op_type, const
void *ptr, size_t size,
log->min_count = min_count;
if (op_type == KMEMLEAK_ALLOC)
log->trace_len = __save_stack_trace(log->trace);
+ if (crt_early_log >= ARRAY_SIZE(early_log)) {
+ pr_warning("Early log buffer exhausted - wrapping\n");
+ crt_early_log = 0;
+ }

Daniel J Blueman
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