Re: [PATCH 2/8]bluetooth/hci_ldisc.c Fix warning: variable 'tty'set but not used

From: Gustavo F. Padovan
Date: Mon Jun 14 2010 - 20:25:10 EST

Hi Justin,

* Justin P. Mattock <justinmattock@xxxxxxxxx> [2010-06-14 13:26:42 -0700]:

> Im getting this while building:
> CC [M] drivers/bluetooth/hci_ldisc.o
> drivers/bluetooth/hci_ldisc.c: In function 'hci_uart_send_frame':
> drivers/bluetooth/hci_ldisc.c:213:21: warning: variable 'tty' set but not used
> the below fixed it for me, but am not sure if
> it's correct.

The fix is correct, you just need to fix the trailing whitespace
problem and resend it.
Also we use "Bluetooth:" as part of the commit message on the bluetooth
subsystem. For example:

"Bluetooth: Remove set but not used varible 'tty'

Or something like that.

Gustavo F. Padovan
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