core dumping on NFS mounted directory

From: Lei Sun
Date: Mon Jun 14 2010 - 14:05:59 EST

Hi :
In 2.6.3x, I am logging in as a root and running app from NFS
mounted directory. The app crashed with 0 bytes core file (I have set
"ulimit -c unlimited", so it's not an issue).
The following code in fs/exec.c is causing this:

* Dont allow local users get cute and trick others to coredump
* into their pre-created files:
* Note, this is not relevant for pipes
if (!ispipe && (inode->i_uid != current_fsuid()))
goto close_fail;

What is the intention of above piece of code? If it's security
concern, it clearly break the NFS mounted (different uid) core
dumping logic.

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