Re: PROBLEM: PPP and other serial port related application hangs in kernel space

From: Maciej Rutecki
Date: Mon Jun 14 2010 - 10:38:21 EST

On Åroda, 9 czerwca 2010 o 22:46:28 Ales Teska wrote:
> Hi all,
> after upgrade of Linux kernel to version 2.6.34 I started to observe
> following problem - ppp and other serial port related application
> occasionally (in 1 hour or 1/10 ppp connections) 'hangs' (see description
> bellow) rendering related serial device unusable. I backtracked this issue
> to Application remains in the condition marked as 'D' in 'ps'
> output (waiting for result from kernel space, if I understand that
> correctly); it stays in this condition forever. Moreover any other
> application that tries to open same serial port hangs the same way.
I created a Bugzilla entry at
for your bug report, please add your address to the CC list in there, thanks!
Maciej Rutecki
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