Re: [PATCH] oom: Make coredump interruptible

From: Roland McGrath
Date: Sun Jun 13 2010 - 20:36:23 EST

> > 1) back to implement signal->oom_victim
> > because We are using SIGKILL for OOM and struct signal
> > naturally represent signal target.
> Yes, but if this process participates in the coredump, we should find
> the right thread, or mark mm or mm->core_state.
> In fact, I was never sure that oom-kill should kill the single process.
> Perhaps it should kill all tasks using the same ->mm instead. But this
> is another story.

Indeed. But as long as oom_kill acts on process granularity, I don't think
we should have it set an mm-granularity flag. That calculus changes if a
core dump is actually in progress, since that is already definitely going
to kill all tasks using that mm. When no dump is in progress, it feels
wrong to leave any state change in mm, since the other mm-sharers were not

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