Noticeable slow-down in 2.6.35-rc3

From: Chris Clayton
Date: Sun Jun 13 2010 - 16:15:36 EST


Please cc me on any reply because I'm not subscribed to linux-kernel
or linux-net

I've noticed a slowdown in 2.6.35-rc3. It shows up in a few places:

1. When my desktop (KDE 3.5.10) is starting up, the "Initialising
system services" phase takes about 45 seconds as opposed to the normal
4 or 5 seconds., Similarly, whilst the basic KDE panel draws as
normal, the icons and other gadgets that it normally contains take
about 15 seconds to appear.

2. In firefox (3.6.3), there is a short (a second or two), but
noticeable, delay when a menu or sub-menu label is clicked on before
the {sub-,}menu appears. Normally the response id almost instant.

There are some similarities with Gene Heskett's report at

I've bisected it and arrived at:

597a264b1a9c7e36d1728f677c66c5c1f7e3b837 is the first bad commit
commit 597a264b1a9c7e36d1728f677c66c5c1f7e3b837
Author: John Fastabend <john.r.fastabend@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu Jun 3 09:30:11 2010 +0000

net: deliver skbs on inactive slaves to exact matches

Currently, the accelerated receive path for VLAN's will
drop packets if the real device is an inactive slave and
is not one of the special pkts tested for in
skb_bond_should_drop(). This behavior is different then
the non-accelerated path and for pkts over a bonded vlan.

For example,

vlanx -> bond0 -> ethx

will be dropped in the vlan path and not delivered to any
packet handlers at all. However,

bond0 -> vlanx -> ethx


bond0 -> ethx

will be delivered to handlers that match the exact dev,
because the VLAN path checks the real_dev which is not a
slave and netif_recv_skb() doesn't drop frames but only
delivers them to exact matches.

This patch adds a sk_buff flag which is used for tagging
skbs that would previously been dropped and allows the
skb to continue to skb_netif_recv(). Here we add
logic to check for the deliver_no_wcard flag and if it
is set only deliver to handlers that match exactly. This
makes both paths above consistent and gives pkt handlers
a way to identify skbs that come from inactive slaves.
Without this patch in some configurations skbs will be
delivered to handlers with exact matches and in others
be dropped out right in the vlan path.

I have tested the following 4 configurations in failover modes
and load balancing modes.

# bond0 -> ethx

# vlanx -> bond0 -> ethx

# bond0 -> vlanx -> ethx

# bond0 -> ethx
vlanx -> --

Signed-off-by: John Fastabend <john.r.fastabend@xxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:040000 040000 f272ab5b895c46b3166d321a2da759c2a6e08ae0
467d28aad962f3506bc8820241d7417fb93e507f M include
:040000 040000 b4c5eb03a781b5ca016459ae19ebe2175d119eda
9c0ce9f12b43aecd9fee9ed816e11841b7b81fd8 M net

The bisect log:

# bad: [7e27d6e778cd87b6f2415515d7127eba53fe5d02] Linux 2.6.35-rc3
# good: [e44a21b7268a022c7749f521c06214145bd161e4] Linux 2.6.35-rc2
git bisect start 'v2.6.35-rc3' 'v2.6.35-rc2'
# good: [6db40cf047a8723095caf79f5569d21b388d7b31] pipe: fix check in
"set size" fcntl
git bisect good 6db40cf047a8723095caf79f5569d21b388d7b31
# good: [63c70a0d7b59bac08bd14cd24c36f76aafc25de6] Merge branch
'for-linus' of git://
git bisect good 63c70a0d7b59bac08bd14cd24c36f76aafc25de6
# good: [6f902af400b2499c80865c62a06fbbd15cf804fd] Btrfs: The file
argument for fsync() is never null
git bisect good 6f902af400b2499c80865c62a06fbbd15cf804fd
# good: [7ae1277a5202109a31d8f81ac99d4a53278dab84] Merge branch
'pm-fixes' of git://
git bisect good 7ae1277a5202109a31d8f81ac99d4a53278dab84
# good: [00d9d6a185de89edc0649ca4ead58f0283dfcbac] ipv6: fix ICMP6_MIB_OUTERRORS
git bisect good 00d9d6a185de89edc0649ca4ead58f0283dfcbac
# bad: [349124a00754129a5f1e43efa84733e364bf3749] net8139: fix a race
at the end of NAPI
git bisect bad 349124a00754129a5f1e43efa84733e364bf3749
# bad: [ae638c47dc040b8def16d05dc6acdd527628f231] pkt_sched:
gen_estimator: add a new lock
git bisect bad ae638c47dc040b8def16d05dc6acdd527628f231
# bad: [597a264b1a9c7e36d1728f677c66c5c1f7e3b837] net: deliver skbs on
inactive slaves to exact matches
git bisect bad 597a264b1a9c7e36d1728f677c66c5c1f7e3b837

Reversing the identified patch gives a kernel without the slowdowns.

bzip'd .config is attached.

Happy to test fixes or provide additional diagnostics, but for the
latter I'll need clear instructions - I'm not that familiar with the
net tools.

The more I see, the more I know. The more I know, the less I
understand. Changing Man - Paul Weller

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