Aerospace and linux

From: Denys Fedorysychenko
Date: Sun Jun 13 2010 - 11:27:21 EST

>Storage will probably be something really cheap. So I assume flash.
>But, possibly a USB stick type device. Maybe an IDE based solid
>state storage device.

Most of commercial controllers (USB and IDE) use intermediate cache/buffer
memory, that will be vulnerable to byte flipping (as i know even SRAM
vulnerable to that). Some of them have their own firmware, storing somewhere
chip wearing information, and if bit flipping happen there - they just will
fail (common issue: USB flash not recognized anymore or have 0 bytes

I guess you need truly embedded device, including PCB design, and operate
with storage chips directly (RAM, flash chips). Also flash (NOR and NAND)
vulnerable to bit-flipping too, and it is prefferable to use hardened IC's (i
doubt there is hardened USB/IDE controllers), protected bus design, strong
error recovery algo's, system and parts redundancy and etc.
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