Re: [PATCH v2] MMC: fix all hangs related to mmc/sd cardinsert/removal during suspend/resume.

From: Maxim Levitsky
Date: Sun Jun 13 2010 - 07:27:39 EST

On Fri, 2010-06-11 at 22:19 +0300, Maxim Levitsky wrote:
> If you don't use CONFIG_MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME, card will now be removed
> in pm notified while userspace is still running.
> Thus it will be possible to sync it propely.
> Card detect workqueue is now freezeable, therefore a card insert/removal event will
> wait till userspace is unfrozen.
> Tested with and without CONFIG_MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME with suspend and hibernate.
And I say it is now well tested.
All attempts to hang the system failed.

Best regards,
Maxim Levitsky

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