Help for a newbie

From: Someone Something
Date: Sat Jun 12 2010 - 23:32:51 EST

Hello. I am pretty new to the world of kernel hacking and I have a few
questions. I have gotten myself a copy of Linux Kernel Development by
robert love and I am also reading parts of the source code. Here are
my current questions:

1) when you write userland apps, you usually include stuff like :
sys/types.h or errono.h where are all these defined in the linux
kernel because I would like to add a few syscalls of my own?

2) what are some bugs in the kernel that a beginner can fix?

3) is there any definitive guide to the kernel that you guys refer
most newbies to? (like Programming Perl for perl)?

4) Where's the linux kernel headed to next? What higher level features
(i.e. real features, not bug fixes) are going to implemented?

Thanks a bunch.

PS it'd be nice if you could CC me in the reply cause I don't think
I've registered properly
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