Re: [PATCH] staging:comedi: Fixed coding convention issues.

From: Mark Rankilor
Date: Sat Jun 12 2010 - 22:14:57 EST

2010/6/12 Henri Häkkinen <henuxd@xxxxxxxxx>:
> -                       printk
> -                           (KERN_INFO "comedi: failed to increment module count, skipping\n");
> +                       printk(KERN_INFO "comedi: failed to increment module "
> +                              "count, skipping\n");

Hi Henri,

Regarding your breaking up of printk statements, although some of
those lines do go over 80 characters, it is preferable to keep the
strings together since then those are searchable within the code.

I figure it is quite acceptable to break the string after "comedi: ",
so maybe that will fix the line length issue, otherwise it is
preferable to keep the checkpatch warning in this case.

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