Re: Aerospace and linux

From: Massimiliano Galanti
Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 15:52:53 EST

Well, not quite. See i.e. AXFS, or squashfs that are ro and flash oriented by design.

Anyway, if you're stuck with NTFS/VFAT and can't use NOR...

(Just curious of what technology are you relying on for storage)

Il 10/06/2010 21:42, Brian Gordon ha scritto:
Sorry, I take it back. This wont work for me because I wont have
NOR. Also, I only want the "in-place" to apply to read-only pages.
This looks like all reads and writes get passed to the underlying
storage and I can't suffer flash page erase/writes to update a
variable. :) The device will wear out and meaningful work would be

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