Re: Aerospace and linux

From: Brian Gordon
Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 14:42:33 EST

> I do work in telco stuff.  We use ECC RAM, turn on ECC/parity on the
> various buses, enable error-checking in the hardware, etc.

Excellent stuff when you have it. :)

> At higher abstraction levels you can checksum the data being stored and
> validate it when you access it.

What about .ro and .text sections of an executable? I would think
kernel support for that would be required. If its application data,
then all sorts of things are possible like you described. Ive also
seen critical ram variables be stored in triplicate and then
compared/voted just to ensure no silent SEU corruption.

> You might start by taking a look at the "edac" code in the kernel.
> Linux in general doesn't normally enable all the fault detection code,
> so you may need to start looking at datasheets.

Thank you for the suggestion. If the memory device supports EDAC/ECC
then definitely enabling it is a good strategy.
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