Re: [PATCH] x86/sfi: fix ioapic gsi range

From: Eric W. Biederman
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 18:16:59 EST

Yuhong Bao <yuhongbao_386@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> IRQ 14/15 is wrong for ATA today as its AHCI based on modern boxes
> Not to mention even before that there was native mode IDE!In fact, XP SP1 and later support switching to native mode IDE on BIOSes supporting it as described in this document:

One of these days we may even get a system where the designers really
care for being simple and easy to use by software. Where all devices
will be discoverable pci devices, and all irqs will be msi or msi-x. No
ioapics, no irq routing tables, just nice simple standards conformant
hardware that we already support.

Until then I guess we get things like Moorestown which are effectively
a reinvention of ISA based systems, with different firmware, and
different non-standard ISA devices. It isn't particularly fun to
smash yet another incompatible idea into the existing infrastructure.
The cleanups that introduce modularity, flexibility, and
maintainability for irq handling are barely keeping ahead of new
poorly integrated features that make the code brittle again.

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