RE: Windows side agrees that lowmem corruption is a problem too

From: Yuhong Bao
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 16:49:39 EST

> Disusing 64K is something we can do unconditionally (especially since
> we're only talking about 60K -- 15 pages -- of actually usable memory
> anyway.)
Unless you really have no extended memory, agreed.
> Dropping all the low 0.6 MB (which is what it really is) is probably
> unacceptable by default, but perhaps it makes sense to use it only for
> ZONE_DMA or something.
For example, for really old 8-bit ISA devices that can only address 20-bit of address space and do not use the system 8237 DMA controller.
Yuhong Bao
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