Re: 2.6.35-rc2 compilation error on Alpha

From: Chris Wright
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 13:25:13 EST

* Matt Turner (mattst88@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Fixes for both breaks are in:
> git://
> for-linus

Your 83926ce2dd37e4337ecf53b1e435d08e70b5871b will work, but you can
also simply drop the filp from pci_mmap_resource(). That's an internal
helper (local to alpha/kernel/pci-sysfs.c) and doesn't require the filp.
Sorry, that was my fault, and should be localized to 2.6.35-rc.

> I know alpha hardware isn't easy to get your hands on to compile test
> these changes, but guys, please just send linux-alpha@ the patch and
> _I'll_ do it. Both these breaks were not even compile tested.
> pci break: 2c3c8bea608866d8bd9dcf92657d57fdcac011c5

$ git describe --contains 2c3c8bea608866d8bd9dcf92657d57fdcac011c5

> hweight break: 1527bc8b928dd1399c3d3467dd47d9ede210978a
> Greg, I haven't checked, but if either of these commits are in .34 or
> older, then my fixes need to go into -stable.
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