Re: EXT3 File System Corruption 2.6.34

From: Theodore Tso
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 07:14:22 EST

On Jun 7, 2010, at 10:14 PM, Jeffrey Merkey wrote:

> From: Jeffrey Merkey <jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 8:13 PM
> Subject: Re: EXT3 File System Corruption 2.6.34
> To: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Well, I will set this as default from now on. Tell Evil Emperor Linus
> to put the fucking thing back the way it was so default kernel builds
> are not fucked up.

If you pull the plug without fsyncing the file, you will end up with a zero-length file -- or possibly no file at all, even with data=ordered. If you really want to preserve data after pulling the power cord immediately after a write were the application hasn't done an fsync() or a sync() call, you can mount the file system with the mount option -o sync --- but then the performance will be horrible.

It's all a tradeoff of what you think is important....

-- Ted

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