Re: [PATCH] netconsole: queue console messages to send later

From: Cong Wang
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 04:58:56 EST

Thanks for your fix, Flavio!

On 06/08/10 08:37, Flavio Leitner wrote:
There may not be another timer or workqueue able to execute after the
printk() we're trying to emit. We may never get to that point.

What if in the netpoll, before we push the skb to the driver, we check
for a bit saying that it's already pushing another skb. In this case,
queue the new skb inside of netpoll and soon as the first call returns
and try to clear the bit, it will send the next skb?

printk("message 1")
netconsole called
netpoll sets the flag bit
pushes to the bonding driver which does another printk("message 2")
netconsole called again
netpoll checks for the flag, queue the message, returns.
so, bonding can finish up to send the first message
netpoll is about to return, checks for new queued messages, and pushes them.
bonding finishes up to send the second message

No deadlocks, skbs are ordered and still under the same opportunity
to send something. Does it sound acceptable?
It's off the top of my head, so probably this idea has some problems.

I am not a net expert, I am not sure if this solution really addresses
David's concern, but it makes sense for me.

Fix the locking in the drivers or layers that cause the issue instead
of breaking netconsole.

Someday, somewhere, I know because I did this before, someone will
use a debugging printk() and will see the entire box hanging with
absolutely no message in any console because of this problem.
I'm not saying that fixing driver isn't the right way to go but
it seems not enough to me.

Well, I think netconsole is not alone, other console drivers could
have the same problem, printk() is not always available in some
situation like this.

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