Re: [git pull] drm for 2.6.35-rc1 (revised)

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Fri May 21 2010 - 15:01:52 EST

Grrr. Not well tested. On x86, I get several warnings like this:

drivers/video/fbmem.c: In function ʽfb_do_apertures_overlapʼ:
drivers/video/fbmem.c:1494: warning: format ʽ%llxʼ expects type ʽlong long unsigned intʼ, but argument 2 has type ʽresource_size_tʼ

Please fix. And please test the thing.

I suspect we should have some "new warnings are errors" thing for
linux-next, so that people can't do this.

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