Re: [RFC, 0/7] NUMA Hotplug emulator

From: Ankita Garg
Date: Fri May 21 2010 - 05:37:01 EST


On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 07:36:30PM +0800, Shaohui Zheng wrote:
> Hi, All
> This patchset introduces NUMA hotplug emulator for x86. it refers too
> many files and might introduce new bugs, so we send a RFC to comminity first
> and expect comments and suggestions, thanks.


> * Principles & Usages
> NUMA hotplug emulator include 3 different parts, We add a menu item to the
> menuconfig to enable/disable them
> (Refer to
> 1) Node hotplug emulation:
> The emulator firstly hides RAM via E820 table, and then it can
> fake offlined nodes with the hidden RAM.
> After system bootup, user is able to hotplug-add these offlined
> nodes, which is just similar to a real hotplug hardware behavior.
> Using boot option "numa=hide=N*size" to fake offlined nodes:
> - N is the number of hidden nodes
> - size is the memory size (in MB) per hidden node.
> There is a sysfs entry "probe" under /sys/devices/system/node/ for user
> to hotplug the fake offlined nodes:
> - to show all fake offlined nodes:
> $ cat /sys/devices/system/node/probe
> - to hotadd a fake offlined node, e.g. nodeid is N:
> $ echo N > /sys/devices/system/node/probe

I tried the patchset on a non-NUMA machine. So, inorder to create fake
NUMA nodes and be able to emulate the hotplug behavior, I used the
following commandline:

"numa=fake=4 numa=hide=2*2048"

on a machine with 8G memory. I expected to see 4 nodes, out of which 2
would be hidden. However, the system comes up the 4 online nodes and 2
offline nodes (thus a total of 6 nodes). While we could decide this to
be the semantics, however, I feel that numa=fake should define the total
number of nodes. So in the above case, the system should have come up
with 2 online nodes and 2 offline nodes.

Also, "numa=hide=N" could also be supported, with the size
of the hidden nodes being equal to the entire size of the node, with or
without numa=fake parameter.

On onlining one of the offline nodes, I see another issue that the
memory under it is not automatically brought online. For example:

#ls /sys/devices/system/node
.... node0 node1 node2..

#cat /sys/devices/system/node/probe

#echo 3 > /sys/devices/system/node/probe
#ls /sys/devices/system/node
.... node0 node1 node2 node3

#cat /sys/devices/system/node/node3/meminfo
Node 3 MemTotal: 0 kB
Node 3 MemFree: 0 kB
Node 3 MemUsed: 0 kB
Node 3 Active: 0 kB

i.e, as memory-less nodes. However, these nodes were designated to have
memory. So, on onlining the nodes, maybe we could have all their memory
brought into online state as well ?

Ankita Garg (ankita@xxxxxxxxxx)
Linux Technology Center
IBM India Systems & Technology Labs,
Bangalore, India
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