Re: [PATCH][bisected]pcmcia:yenta_socket.c fix broken wireless cards.

From: Justin P. Mattock
Date: Thu May 20 2010 - 12:46:33 EST

On 05/20/2010 09:34 AM, Dominik Brodowski wrote:
Jens, Justin,

could both of you test this patch on top of 2.6.34, please?

pcmcia: only keep saved I365_CSCING flag if there is no PCI irq

Signed-off-by: Dominik Brodowski<linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

diff --git a/drivers/pcmcia/yenta_socket.c b/drivers/pcmcia/yenta_socket.c
index 424e576..151ca43 100644
--- a/drivers/pcmcia/yenta_socket.c
+++ b/drivers/pcmcia/yenta_socket.c
@@ -371,8 +371,11 @@ static int yenta_set_socket(struct pcmcia_socket *sock, socket_state_t *state)
exca_writeb(socket, I365_POWER, reg);

/* CSC interrupt: no ISA irq for CSC */
- reg = exca_readb(socket, I365_CSCINT);
- reg&= I365_CSC_IRQ_MASK;
+ reg = 0;
+ if (!socket->dev->irq) {
+ reg = exca_readb(socket, I365_CSCINT);
+ reg&= I365_CSC_IRQ_MASK;
+ }
reg |= I365_CSC_DETECT;
if (state->flags& SS_IOCARD) {
if (state->csc_mask& SS_STSCHG)

o.k., I just did a git pull
to the current, now waiting
(compiling)very slow machine) then I'll
verify or not, if a fix has already been
pushed forward, if not then I'll apply
your patch.

Thanks for taking the time with this.

Justin P. Mattock
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