Re: [patch 0/7] sched: change nohz idle load balancing logic to pushmodel

From: Nigel Cunningham
Date: Thu May 20 2010 - 07:07:56 EST


I finally found the time to give this patch series a try. Minor updates were required, but I'm now running it against 2.6.34.

"Load balancing tick" is still number one in my powertop list of top causes of wakeups (sitting at ~60 to 80 per second as I type this, with ~170 wakeups per second total). Comparing this to the numbers I posted earlier, we seem to have a win.

I do wonder, though, whether further work could still be done. If I take one core offline, for example, I'm still getting load balancing ticks. Intuitively, I'd expect there to be no need for them with only one core available. But maybe I'm just ignorant of what's going on.


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