RE: [PATCH 1/2] staging: hv: Fix race condition in hv_utils moduleinitialization.

From: Haiyang Zhang
Date: Wed May 19 2010 - 16:30:33 EST

> > + /* Wait until all IC channels are initialized */
> > + while (atomic_read(&hv_utils_initcnt) < MAX_MSG_TYPES)
> > + msleep(100);
> No, don't do this here, do something in your hv_vmbus core to handle
> registering sub-drivers properly. Perhaps you need to sleep there
> before you can succeed on a initialization.

Thanks for the recommendation. I will put the sleep into vmbus_init to
ensure all channels are ready before the vmbus_init function exits.

> > hv_cb_utils[HV_SHUTDOWN_MSG].channel->OnChannelCallback =
> > &shutdown_onchannelcallback;
> The problem is that you just have a bunch of callbacks you are setting
> up, it's not a "real" function call. Please change it over to a
> function call, like all other subsystems have. Then, you can handle
> any
> "sleep until we are set up properly" issues in the vmbus code, not in
> each and every individual bus driver.

Actually, we already assign a default callback function, chn_cb_negotiate(),
when the channels are opened in vmbus module. It's a real function and can
handle common negotiation messages.
I will move the sleep into vmbus module as well.


- Haiyang
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