kvm: network problem with Solaris 10u8 guest

From: Harald Dunkel
Date: Wed May 19 2010 - 09:46:23 EST

Hi folks,

I am trying to run Solaris 10u8 as a guest in kvm (kernel Problem: The virtual network devices don't work
with this Solaris version.

e1000 and pcnet work just by chance, as it seems. I can ping
the guest (even though some packets are lost). I cannot use
ssh to login.

rtl8139 and ne2k_pci are not even listed by "ifconfig -a" on
the guest.

Solaris 10u6 worked fine (using the e1000 emulation). Same for
the Linux guests.

Can anybody reproduce this problem?

Any helpful comment would be highly appreciated. Of course
I would be glad to help to track this down.

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