Re: [BUGFIX] [PATCH v2] x86: update all PGDs for direct mapping changeson 64bit.

From: Haicheng Li
Date: Wed May 19 2010 - 07:51:15 EST

I'm sorry for my slow response ...

Wu Fengguang wrote:
>> +static void sync_global_pgds(unsigned long start, unsigned long end)
> It seems that this function can reuse code with vmalloc_sync_all().


> __init_extra_mapping() is not related to memory hotplug (note: the
> __init prefix), so not necessary to change this function?

yes, I think you are right. We don't need to change __init_extra_mapping().

>> vmemmap_populate(struct page *start_page, unsigned long size, int node)
> It's not necessary to introduce the "start" and "err" variables.
> It helps simplify the patch (or you can put them to another cleanup
> only patch).

ok, let's make the fix as simple as possible.

I'll send out the revised version right now. Thank you for the review.

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