Linux telephony - IXJ

From: Emil
Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 12:23:38 EST

I have half a dozen Quicknet cards in various countries which I use
to keep in touch with friends and family. I also have a Quicknet
PhoneJack which is an ISA card allowing me to place remote calls via
the net. All these cards worked flawlessly for almost a decade paying
for themselves many times over.

The current kernel support for these cards is broken. They are not
produced anymore so probably nobody will care about this message.
It is surprinsing though that while there is no other alternative
telephony driver in the kernel the only one present is broken.

As I stated before I have various versions of Quichnet cards. The
two listed bellow are PCI (1 port FXO) with the following chipsets
- 1999: AM79R7OJC + Oxford Semiconductor OX16PCI954 + Xilinx FPGA +
- 2003: MC145483 + Tiger 320 + DSP CT8022A11AQC

Neither of them is working with the ixj kernel driver. The kernel driver
compiles, the card is detected but the phone hook status is never changes
and you cannot produce a dial tone (even if you try to force it).

The driver that _does_ work with all my cards is this one:

Unfortunatelly this only compiles for kernel 2.4; you'll have to
enable telephony support but disable the kernel IXJ driver and
then this older driver compiles and works like a charm.

I have tried on the same hardware kernel 2.4 + ixj version 1.2.2 works
while kernel 2.6 + version 3.1.0 doesn't.

While I know how to program in C, porting the old version to the 2.6 kernel
is a to long learning curve for me so I guess this means back to linux 2.4

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