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From: backyes
Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 08:59:34 EST

Dear every Prof. ,
I am a student from university of science and technology of china . I am very interested in the kernel of linux operating system. I have studied the kernel for several years. I have some problem about the kernel. Would you like to give me some help. Thanks a lot.
Recently I mainly focus my total energy on the real-time schedule policy of linux. I want to use the SCHED_FIFO policy to make the processes more predictable on the Multi-core Platfom of Server. I donot know whether the kernel can make sure that the number of logical processors which has a high priority and SCHED_FIFO schedule policy is limited in reality ,since My program went to dead or given any reply for the user sometimes.
If the number above said is not limited for SCHED_FIFO policy, I want to know that whether any people have proved it in theroy? If so ,would you give me some material about it ?
Thanks a lot !

Regards Peter Wang

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