PROBLEM: e100 driver not working when bridge and vlan configured.

From: krunal
Date: Mon May 17 2010 - 07:58:13 EST

I have seen this bug in many threads also checked "";, but nothing works for me.

I am having 4 nics, driver for 2 nics is e1000 and 2 nics is e100.


traffic flows through my bridge machine and i can ping, vlan traffic also pass through it.

I am not able to ping using vlan interface

so i created and added vlan interfaces to bridge

Still i am not able to ping

I then removed eth0, and eth1 from br0

Now I am able to ping

My kernel is linux- and e100 driver is "3.5.23-k4-NAPI" which comes with kernel.

Same scenario works fine with e1000 driver.

This bug is already reported and i am not able to find any patch for it.

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