Re: Which function returns LWP in Linux.

From: Srinivas Nayak
Date: Mon May 17 2010 - 06:13:22 EST

> You are asking procps question in LKML.

Dear Jaswinder,

I am new to linux mailing lists. Thought, this process id related
question can only be answered by linux kernel developers, as they may be
working with this almost everyday. And more to this, I searched in the
Internet for LWP id, but found no positive answer. Many places gettid
was the answer, but it doesn't work.

I apologize, if lkml is not the best place to ask programming related
questions. It would be kind, if you let me know the correct mailing
list where general linux programming discussions happen. To my find,
linux-c-programming mailing list is not so active.

After some more research, i foind that


returns LWP id. Isn't this correct?

Srinivas Nayak
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