Re: Can we remove pci_find_device() yet?

From: Greg KH
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 12:39:41 EST

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 05:42:14PM +0100, Tilman Schmidt wrote:
> Am 2010-01-11 21:01 schrieb Greg KH:
> > On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 08:46:50PM +0100, Tilman Schmidt wrote:
> >>
> >> Just an idea - as a stopgap measure, couldn't pci_find_device() be made
> >> a private function of the HiSax drivers? That way, the remainder of the
> >> kernel won't be polluted by it anymore, and the PCI_LEGACY config option
> >> can be dropped. Something like this quick and dirty hack:
> >
> > Close, but if you do this, please name the function
> > hisax_find_pci_device() or something, and change the drivers to use it
> Sorry, but no. That would drag me into the swamp,
> a place I know well enough by now to avoid it whenever possible.

I don't understand, why?

> Many of the calls to pci_find_device() have checkpatch problems
> which of course do not go away by just substituting another
> function name, so I would be obliged to restructure all those
> call sites by hand for the sake of "not introducing new code
> with checkpatch problems". BTDT.

No you would not, don't be crazy. Modfying a single line to rename a
function from one thing to another could never be decreed as a "don't
add bad code". And if someone says it is, well, you just found someone
who doesn't know what they are doing :)

> So I'll drop that idea. If someone else wants to pick it up,
> feel free to do so.

Please continue with this idea, it's sane, and valid.


greg k-h
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