Re: Can we remove pci_find_device() yet?

From: Tilman Schmidt
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 12:27:54 EST

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Am 2010-01-11 21:01 schrieb Greg KH:
> On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 08:46:50PM +0100, Tilman Schmidt wrote:
>> Just an idea - as a stopgap measure, couldn't pci_find_device() be made
>> a private function of the HiSax drivers? That way, the remainder of the
>> kernel won't be polluted by it anymore, and the PCI_LEGACY config option
>> can be dropped. Something like this quick and dirty hack:
> Close, but if you do this, please name the function
> hisax_find_pci_device() or something, and change the drivers to use it

Sorry, but no. That would drag me into the swamp,
a place I know well enough by now to avoid it whenever possible.
Many of the calls to pci_find_device() have checkpatch problems
which of course do not go away by just substituting another
function name, so I would be obliged to restructure all those
call sites by hand for the sake of "not introducing new code
with checkpatch problems". BTDT.

So I'll drop that idea. If someone else wants to pick it up,
feel free to do so.


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