RE: [PATCH - resend] Memory-Hotplug: Fix the bug on interface/dev/mem for 64-bit kernel(v1)

From: Zheng, Shaohui
Date: Tue Jan 12 2010 - 00:46:58 EST

Hmmm....could you rewrite /dev/mem to use kernel/resource.c other than
modifing e820 maps. ?
Two reasons.
- e820map is considerted to be stable, read-only after boot.
- We don't need to add more x86 special codes.
[Zheng, Shaohui] Kame, when I write this patch, I also feel confused whether update e820map. Because of the dependency in function page_is_ram, so we still update it in my patch.
I see that Fengguang already draft patches to change function page_is_ram, the new page_is_ram function use kernel/resource.c instead. That is great that we can still keep a stable e820map. I will resend the patch which update variable high_memory, max_low_pfn and max_pfn only.


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