Re: Memory probing fails after 2.6.30 (bisected)

From: Anders Eriksson
Date: Sun Jan 10 2010 - 17:12:25 EST

>> bca23db: x86, setup: revert ACPI 3 E820 extended attributes support
>> df7699c: x86, setup: "glove box" BIOS interrupts in the core boot code
>> cd67059: x86, setup: guard against pre-ACPI 3 e820 code not updating %ecx
>> c549e71: x86, setup: ACPI 3, BIOS workaround for E820-probing code
yinghai@xxxxxxxxxx said:
> so it mean bca23db the reverting for c49e71 etc is not right?

Well it seems so. I guess some of that stuff might be unguilty, though.
'git revert' was unhappy about doing them out of order. If you can carve them
up in testable pieces, I'd be happy to do that.


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