Re: [ewg] [PATCH] IB/ehca: Construct MAD redirect replies from request MAD

From: Joachim Fenkes
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 08:59:07 EST

Hal Rosenstock <hal.rosenstock@xxxxxxxxx> wrote on 27.08.2009 15:31:40:

> I don't think it should be hard coded. IMO it would be better to default
to 18
> and somehow able to be adjusted (via a (dynamic) module parameter ?).

I don't see how making this a parameter would benefit any end user, while
on the other hand it clutters up our parameter list.

Changing RespTimeValue won't influence the IB performance or user-visible
behavior of our driver in any way, and in fact, all RespTimeValue says is
"Please use a timeout of one second for all future MADs you send me", only
there won't be any more MADs in the future because we just redirected the
client to someone else. So, the RespTimeValue field is a don't care in the
redirection scenario. Setting it to an arbitrary, but legal value isn't
much more than a concession towards any broken clients that may be out

Given that you seem to like the rest of the code and Jason hasn't spoken
up yet, I think we can have Roland merge this patch. Roland, what do you


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