expresscard hotplug not working

From: Mike Mohr
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 21:17:36 EST


I think I'm having a similar problem to the fellow listed here:

The only difference is that no card will work at all unless it is
inserted before system power is turned on. If the card is removed
while the system is running it stops working and will never return to
life unless the system is rebooted with the card in the slot.

My kernel is configured exactly as this page describes:

However, I do not receive anything in dmesg except the reports of the
driver being unloaded and/or loaded. Attempts to insert the card
after the machine is up elicit no kernel messages. I'm thinking there
may be a missing PCI ID somewhere in the pciehp/pci_hotplug driver(s),
but I could well be mistaken.

Can anyone offer me a suggestion or two?

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