Re: [patch] ext2/3: document conditions when reliable operation ispossible

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 21:16:24 EST


> 3) Does that mean that you shouldn't use ext3 on RAID drives? Of
> course not! First of all, Ext3 still saves you against kernel panics
> and hangs caused by device driver bugs or other kernel hangs. You
> will lose less data, and avoid needing to run a long and painful fsck
> after a forced reboot, compared to if you used ext2. You are making

Actually... ext3 + MD RAID5 will still have a problem on kernel
panic. MD RAID5 is implemented in software, so if kernel panics, you
can still get inconsistent data in your array.

I mostly agree with the rest.

(cesky, pictures)
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