2.6.27, IRQ11: no net, no usb, no sound

From: d i
Date: Sat Jan 24 2009 - 23:58:51 EST


Since I upgraded to 2.6.27-r7 or 2.6.27-r8 (from 2.6.26-r4) I don't have neither net, nor usb, nor sound.
For net in particular, when I bring up the interface I get an error something like this:
SIOCCFLAGS ERROR: Device or ressource busy.

Looking in dmesg, I've seen that after my ide2 takes IRQ11, all the modules for my network card (8139too), usb (uhci-hcd) and sound (snd-cs4236) complain that they can't assign an interrupt (IRQ11).

I've included all files relevant to my computer in the bzip2 tar file attached (kernel config, dmesg, lspci, /proc/{interrupts,ioports,iomem,cpuinfo,irq/}.
I've also tried to start with kernel parametters irqpoll and irqfixup, thinking it might help. It still didn't work, and I included the dmesg obtained in the attach.

If anyone could give me a hint about what's going on, and how I can fix it, I'd be very grateful.

In case that matters, I'm running gentoo as distribution.
Thanks for any help!
PS: Please CC to my email if possible: navilein@xxxxxxxxxxx

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