[RFC v2 -tip 0/3] x86: reduce fixup of uaccess

From: Hiroshi Shimamoto
Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 18:48:22 EST

This patch series redues fixup code for exceptions of uaccess in signal.

There is a lot of fixup code which is generated by using __{get|put}_user.
I think that code can be reduced. The concept is that to add uaccess_err in
thread_info and set it to -EFAULT on exception, finally check this value on
the last of function.

The code size reductions are below;
$ size *signal*.o.*
text data bss dec hex filename
4596 0 0 4596 11f4 ia32_signal.o.new
6006 0 0 6006 1776 ia32_signal.o.old
3583 0 0 3583 dff signal.o.new
4540 0 0 4540 11bc signal.o.old
3863 0 0 3863 f17 signal32.o.new
4876 0 0 4876 130c signal32.o.old
[ signal32.o means signal.o on 32-bit. ]

ChangeLog v1 -> v2
- Change framework syntax. Previous version doesn't look easy to read.
Remove parens from try and add redundant braces as Peter suggested.
get_user_try {
} get_user_catch(err);
- Remove double underscores.

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