2.6.28, rlimits, performance and debian etch

From: Peter Palfrader
Date: Wed Jan 21 2009 - 06:58:46 EST


I spent several hours trying to get to the bottom of a serious
performance issue that appeared on one of our servers after upgrading to
2.6.28. In the end it's what could be considered a userspace bug that
was triggered by a change in 2.6.28. Since this might also affect other
people I figured I'd at least document what I found here, and maybe we
can even do something about it:

So, I upgraded some of debian.org's machines to and immediately
the team maintaining our ftp archive complained that one of their
scripts that previously ran in a few minutes still hadn't even come
close to being done after an hour or so. Downgrading to 2.6.27 fixed

Turns out that script is forking a lot and something in it or python or
whereever closes all the file descriptors it doesn't want to pass on.
That is, it starts at zero and goes up to ulimit -n/RLIMIT_NOFILE and
closes them all with a few exceptions.

Turns out that takes a long time when your limit -n is now 2^20 (1048576).

With 2.6.27.* the ulimit -n was the standard 1024, but with 2.6.28 it is
now a thousand times that.

2.6.28 included a patch titled "rlimit: permit setting RLIMIT_NOFILE to
RLIM_INFINITY" (0c2d64fb6cae9aae480f6a46cfe79f8d7d48b59f)[1] that
allows, as the title implies, to set the limit for number of files to

Closer investigation showed that the broken default ulimit did not apply
to "system" processes (like stuff started from init). In the end I
could establish that all processes that passed through pam_limit at one
point had the bad resource limit.

Apparently the pam library in Debian etch (4.0) initializes the limits
to some default values when it doesn't have any settings in limit.conf
to override them. Turns out that for nofiles this is RLIM_INFINITY.
Commenting out "case RLIMIT_NOFILE" in pam_limit.c:267 of our pam
package version 0.79-5 fixes that - tho I'm not sure what side effects
that has.

Debian lenny (the upcoming 5.0 version) doesn't have this issue as it
uses a different pam (version).

I'm a bit unsure where to go from here. Maybe the pam library in etch
should be fixed. Maybe the patch should be reverted (but then it may be
more correct now and that's what the changelog entry suggests).
As a stopgap measure I could also just define nofile in limits.conf.

Thanks for listening. Also thanks to Rik and Nocholas who helped track
some of this down.

1. http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=0c2d64fb6cae9aae480f6a46cfe79f8d7d48b59f
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