Re: [PATCH 03/17] x86-64: Convert irqstacks to per-cpu

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Sun Jan 18 2009 - 04:05:52 EST

Hello, Ingo, Brian.

Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> Sure, that's an option too but it might as well be done when making
>> those percpu variables. I don't really see why those two changes should
>> be separate. There isn't any reason why they shouldn't be separate
>> either but if you're already mucking around every user...
> yes, we should do the rename in this same patch as both patches have no
> impact on the actual kernel image. (sans source code line and string
> related deltas in the image.) Feel free to do the rename in his patch -
> that's the fastest way.
> I'd suggest to rename from:
> DECLARE_PER_CPU(char *, irqstackptr);
> to:
> DECLARE_PER_CPU(char *, irq_stack_ptr);
> In other cases, lets get Brian's patches in without further latencies so
> that we drain his pending-patches pipeline and get a consolidated base
> everyone can work from. Brian already had an unfortunate (and
> time-consuming) rebase/conflict-resolution pass due to us moving the
> percpu code from under him. We can do non-critical followups in separate
> delta patches.

Alright, there are other places where renaming would be nice -
kernelstack, oldrsp, irqcount, irqstackptr and isidle. I'll rename
them as I add the patches. Here's the plan.

01-04 : w/ renames
05 : will mark voyage broken
06-12 : w/ renames
13-17 : will wait for update

If anyone doesn't like it. Please scream.


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