Re: [Ecryptfs-devel] [PATCH] ecryptfs: some inode attrs, and a question

From: hooanon05
Date: Sat Jan 17 2009 - 01:03:54 EST

Dave Kleikamp:
> I think you're hitting on something here. I never understood the need
> for the d_drop()s, but taking them out broke things. They probably are
> just papering over bugs where the ecryptfs inode is not being properly
> updated after changes are made to the lower inode.

As long as cifs_hardlink() calls d_drop() for the target dentry (as the
old version of NFS did), ecryptfs may have to call d_drop() too. But I
believe the d_drop() for the source dentry is unnecessary, as long as
the inode attributes are maintained correctly.
Additionally, when the lower filesystem does NOT call d_drop(), ecryptfs
has no necessary to call it. I'd like to suggest ecryptfs_link() to
check it by d_unhashed().

J. R. Okajima
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